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Customize your order

Easy installation on all kind of door: wood, glass, metal, etc.

Indoor use only.

Inside unblocking system for emergencies.

Solid and durable body.

Price 187.75 $

Clear selection
Convenient installation
  • Tape adhesion method enables easy installation by anyone
  • No extra construction work including drill work is necessary for installation thus preventing damage to the door
  • Easy adhesion and take-off enables convenient use at any types of door
  • Can be reused when moving.(Can be used for various different purposes including porch at houses and inner sliding door at mansions, houses, and warehouses)
One-touch operation with remote control
  • Can use LOCKEY at multiple spots by using a single remote control
  • Easy to use with clear division of open/close
  • Can be used by all family members by registering 16 different remote controls
  • Can be used safely by inputting 260 million different codes
Battery exchange alarm function
  • When remaining battery level drops low, LED lights up to inform that a change is needed
  • When the battery level drops below certain level, close function stops to maximize device stability


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