2 years of warranty are available for the products sold on our website. All products sold on the Grupo Gescasi, S.L. website, whether they are new or used, come with a legal guarantee concerning product conformity, as outlined in the following legal clauses. The aforementioned guarantee may be used in conjunction with extended warranties.


Pursuant to the legal guarantee concerning product conformity, Grupo Gescasi, S.L. commits to delivering your order in accordance with the provisions of the concluded sales agreement. Grupo Gescasi, S.L. will also take responsibility for any latent defects noticed upon delivery.


To comply with the terms of the contract, products must:

1) Match the description given on the website.

2) Be suitable for the purpose usually associated with such a product, or be suitable with any other purpose required by the customer. The customer will have informed Pixmania of the required purpose before placing their order, and Pixmania will have formally confirmed the suitability of the product.

3) have the features and purpose that customers would expect from such a product, given the product type and description on the website.


If a latent defect is discovered, we will ensure that the faulty product is brought up to code, at no extra charge for the customer.


The legal guarantee concerning product conformity covers all latent defects discovered within 2 years from the date your product was delivered.


Whatever the problem with your product, we recommend you return it with the invoice after contacting with tecnico@grupogescasi.com. You must sent the product to Grupo Gescasi, S.L., Avda. de Elvas, 7, 06006 – Badajoz (Spain).


The legal guarantee concerning product conformity does not apply in some cases:

– when damage is caused by external factors such as shocks, lightning, power surges, rust and sand.

– when damage is caused by the customer’s non-respect of the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the use and installation of the product,

– when damage is caused by the customer’s misuse of the product

– when the customer is aware of damage to the product at the time of placing their order


warranties do not cover:

– replacement consumables such as batteries, light bulbs, fuses and recording or playback heads,

– improper use of the product,

– damage resulting from repairs performed by non-certified technicians,

– damage caused by external factors such as accidents, internal or external shocks, lightning, power spikes, rust and sand.


Should the manufacturer not honour the terms of the warranty for any of the aforementioned reasons, Grupo Gescasi, S.L. will not be held responsible.

In cases where the manufacturer’s warranty is not applicable, the manufacturer will provide the customer with an estimate repair fee. If you would like your product(s) to be returned to you by the manufacturer without any repairs being carried out, administration charges may apply. Should you choose to abandon your product altogether, no additional charges will apply.

You have 3 months to accept or reject the quote and pay the amount due. If we do not hear from you within this time, we will assume that you have rejected the quote and abandoned your product. No compensation will be issued.

Our after-sales service will only attempt to send products to customers twice. If we are unable to deliver your parcel on both occasions, (i.e. parcel refused, delivery impossible, etc.) your product will be returned to Grupo Gescasi’s logistics centre, where you’ll be able to collect it within 3 months. After this time, we will assume that you have abandoned your product, and Grupo Gescasi, S.L. will reserve the right to destroy your item. No compensation will be issued. GRUPO GESCASI, S.L. Calle Luis Alvarez Lencero Nº 3 Planta 3 Oficina 1 06011 – BADAJOZ (SPAIN).


All products are guaranteed for 2 years except for the batteries. If any equipment fails, you must send it to us at the address (previously should contact us using the form to return):

To request a return number (RMA) and the authorization to send the goods to the Plusecurity Technical Service is necessary and required to contact us using the form for this.


Email: tecnico@grupogescasi.com (24 hours)

Shipping address and stores:

C/ Luis Álvarez Lencero, 3 – Planta 3 – Oficina 1

06011 – Badajoz

(Indicate in your submission returns number (RMA) that will be sent to your mail once we receive your form and attach a copy of the invoice)

Please note that shipping fees are the client’s responsibility, except if the product does not conform to the description of said product (the client is responsible for any damage done during the shipping of the returned goods).

Tel: 0034 902 008 455